Created by Jonas Galvez, a former Flash and ActionScript book author (yep), former Python developer, and more recently, former Nuxt.js core team member and author of several Nuxt.js articles and modules. Also holder of the #1 Google result for leaving Python for JavaScript. Giggles.

Terix is the parent project of fastify-vite, encompassing all other necessary Fastify plugins and libraries to make this vision possible.

Maintained with the help of Paul Isache, Rafael Gonzaga and Ilya Semenov.

MIT licensed.


Big shout out to NearForm for lending this project the amazing Paul Isache, who helped get the first iterations of React renderer adapter working.

This project wouldn't have come to existence without all the inspiring work of the teams behind Nuxt.js and Next.js. They set the bar high for SSR frameworks.

In particular, I am grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with Pim, Pooya Parsa, Clark Du, Alexander Lichter, Dmitry Molotkov, Kevin Marrec, Alexandre Chopin and S├ębastien Chopin when I was part of the Nuxt.js core team.

The work of Matteo Colina and Tomas Della Vedova is also a big reference and source of inspiration in my journey in the pursuit of writing modern, performant standard JavaScript code.

Another big source of inspiration is Anthony Fu. His creativity, style and precision are truly remarkable. This documentation suite started out based on his VitePress template for VueUse.