Despite having received a handful of code contributions already, fastify-vite is still very much an individual endeavor. It very much welcomes contributors interested in helping with:

  • Readding a test suite (check the old one here)
  • Renderer adapters for Vue 2, Preact, Svelte and SolidJS
  • Documentation refinements and more boilerplate flavors.
  • Improving the development process as described below

Running examples in development

This is perhaps an obvious area of improvement — in order to test the packages, you must call npm run devinstall from each example directory root after every change.

For instance, if you make changes to packages/fastify-vite and packages/fastify-vite-vue, you'll want to run npm run devinstall from examples/base-vue to test your changes.

The reason for this is that there were some issues encountered trying to use npm link for this that couldn't be sorted out at the time. So for the time being development of this project relies on devinstall.mjs, which will actually copy each package to the example's node_modules folder.