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Known Limitations

  • It's currently impossible to run @fastify/vite in an encapsulated Fastify plugin. You'll need to register @fastify/vite at the root context, or if you want to use it in a plugin, that plugin must be wrapped in fastify-plugin so it's also registered at the root context.

    Investigation on this has started but is still pending — everything points to @fastify/middie, the Express compatibility layer needed to run the Vite development server middleware. It's just considered low-prio at the moment as in most setups, only a single instance is needed anyway.

  • It's currently impossible to run multiple Vite development server middleware in your Fastify server, which means @fastify/vite can only be registered once. Configuration for this is somewhat tricky and there isn't documentation on how to do it. Once #108 is completed and merged, it will open the path to have a Vite development server factory that can create instances on-demand, but that approach still remains to be tested.

    If you're looking into a microfrontend setup, consider this approach.

Released under the MIT License.