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As a means of supporting my work on this project, I've opened consulting slots on my calendar every Saturday. This is mainly targeted at folks using or considering using @fastify/vite but I can assist in many other areas as well.


I'm an expert in JavaScript and Node.js performance, and SSR technology in general. I'm a former core contributor to the Nuxt.js framework and have been involved with the Fastify project for nearly three years since I started working on @fastify/vite. Previously I was a Python engineer for 10+ years.

Read more about my background here.

I'm a Principal Engineer at Previously I was Principal Engineer at NodeSource and an Engineering Manager at NearForm.


  • General architectural evaluation and recommendations.
  • Node.js performance profiling and debugging.
  • Next.js or Nuxt.js migration to @fastify/vite.
  • Fastify debugging and advanced setups.
  • @fastify/vite debugging and advanced setups.


Saturdays — hours are flexible.


  • 1-hour slot for $250.
  • 3-hour slot for $650.
  • 5-hour slot for $1000.


Contact me directly with your target date, available hours and general description of your project, problem or task you want to address.

Released under the MIT License.